A fashionable outfit not only takes into consideration the clothes or the accessories. Even if it is the bottom part of the whole look, the shoes are still important in keeping the outfit in tip-top fashion shape.

Without good shoes to pair up with your favorite clothes, you will look dowdy or worse, under-dressed. A pair of shoes, believe it or not, can make or break an outfit. So, it is important to take as much care with the shoes that you wear as you do with your clothes.

Below are some of the fashion dos that you should remember when it comes to wearing shoes.

Color partners

The color of the shoes will depend upon a lot of factors but as a rule, your belt (that is if you are wearing one!) should be the same color as the shoes that you wear. The same goes with the bag that you carry.

Another option is to wear the same color of shoes to either the skirt or the blouse that you are wearing. That way, your whole outfit won’t exceed two or more colors.

Some people stick to neutral colors with their outfit and others show their wild side and choose a color that is both bright and unexpected. Colors that will stand out against neutrals are reds, pinks, violets, yellow.

Of course, nothing in fashion is ever fluid so if you feel that you can get away with a different colored shoes, go ahead.

Occasion meter

In choosing the shoes that you wear, it is important to also look at the environment that you will be wearing them in or the kind of occasion that you will be attending. As a rule, rubber shoes are only worn in casual environments where everybody is in leisure. Pumps and stilettos are worn at the office set-up as they are perceived to be more formal and austere.

People who work in conservative office environments shouldn’t wear shoes that are too sexy or revealing because these are only appropriate in the artistic and creative environment where fashion is the thing and originality is favored. This is when you should wear wedges and sandals, which aren’t often used in the office set-up.

During parties, you can wear anything you like as long as you match it with the occasion and the venue. For instance, if it is a cook-out or outdoor party, you can probably wear your comfy sandals or rubber shoes. However, only sparkly formal stilettos and shoes are allowed when it comes to cocktail and dinner parties.


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